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Review by Cape Town Based Blogger

Jade Robertson
1 Apr

Review by Cape Town Based Blogger Jade Robertson


DAY 1:

The first thing I saw as we pulled up to the driveway was a magnificent yellow door. I loved the way the colour played off from the grey walls. We were greeted at our car by a friendly staff member and escorted into the hotel. The door opened up to an amazingly crisp and clean foyer with a quaint little desk which complimented the hotels modern design. After we checked in we were shown to our luxurious room on the second floor. The rooms at the Bliss all seemed to be similar but still unique in its own way, we were shown one or two other rooms on our floor as we took a little tour.

Once we settled in we were greeted with a snack platter, bottle of champagne and a mixologist to cater to our cocktail needs. We spent the day chatting to the wonderfully friendly staff who we grew quite fond of over our three day stay. As the evening came about Chef Dean prepared a tastefully crafted three course meal, I had to skip dessert because I couldn’t have another bite.

The food on its own was a whole other experience, Chef Dean has been cooking for seven years and you can tell that he has such a passion for it. He designed the entire menu for the hotel and during our stay. I have to admit that the food was the highlight of my weekend.

After dinner we headed to the room for a serious chill session, Hishaam even took his Xbox along because the guy can’t go an entire weekend without a FIFA game. I on the other hand had no problem with this as I had an amazing view of Table Mountain at night and a full mini bar to keep me company (he only played two games anyway lol).

DAY 2:

Waking up to a cloudy morning, our second day at the Bliss was a cold one and the weather only got worse as the weekend proceeded. The Bliss has such a cool pool area, roof top terrace and a private beach which are all things I had to miss out on experiencing due to the weather. The heating, the food and the view of the clouds coming over the top of  Table mountain or the mist rolling over the sea was a magnificent site. There’s nothing like being cuddled up, warm and seeing a storm brewing out of the bedroom window.

Chef Dean once again prepared us a three course meal for lunch which was nothing short of mind blowing; we tasted three kinds of crème brulee and I loved the amarula – it’s really a must when visiting.

After lunch we hung out on the balcony, I sat in my favourite seat for quite some time, even with the cold air, there was something so refreshing about being outside just looking at the beautiful views. We retired to our room early that evening, chilled and listened to the storm; once it broke we decided to stick our heads out onto the rooms’ balcony to feel the cold air.

DAY 3:

We awoke feeling well rested due to going to bed ‘early’ the night before. I couldn’t wait to see what Chef Dean had in store for breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and the options we received didn’t disappoint at all. To start off we had fruit, plain yoghurt and muesli the Chef had made himself. Hishaam had a somewhat traditional breakfast with eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes and avocado. I on the other hand went for the egg, avocado, salmon with cream cheese, four of my favourite things all wrapped into one. If you had to ask me what my favourite meal of the weekend was I couldn’t tell you, I loved them all.

After we checked out we returned to the bar and sipped mimosas for quite some time. The staff was so warm and accommodating and as you can see below Hishaam was quite sad to leave. I’ll definitely be returning to The Bliss Boutique Hotel, especially for the food, you guys know I love to eat and if you’d like to give Chef Dean’s menu a go you can contact the hotel for reservations, the restaurant is open seven days a week – breakfast through to dinner.

The Bliss is already a five star hotel so I’m thinking about giving them a sixth one, to keep up with all things Bliss, follow them on:

InstagramFacebook & Twitter. You’ll find their contact details on their social media pages and don’t forget to do yourself a favour and check in for a weekend of complete Bliss. You can also check out their hashtags at #BlissBoutiqueHotel #Blissedout #Findyourbliss